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Butler Hospital 2010 Annual Report
Message From The President

It is with great pride that I invite you to view Butler Hospital's first web-based Annual Report. Looking back at 2010, as you will see in the Year in Review video, we devoted our efforts to advancing quality, expanding services, and empowering people to seek the care they need.

With a spirit of collaboration, we enhanced clinical quality through establishing a multidisciplinary Clinical Quality Council. We also sought new and creative ways to care for patients through collaborations with musicians, artists, and even dogs by enhancing our Healing Arts and Pet Therapy programs.

We expanded our clinical services to include a Movement Disorders Program focused on improving the lives of people with Parkinson's by providing treatment for both the physical and behavioral symptoms of the disease. We also moved forward with plans to build a new patient care center that will increase access to care for the growing number of patients who need our specialized services, especially inpatient care.

In 2010, our commitment to teaching, raising awareness, and reducing stigma continued in many ways. We provided education programs to hundreds of mental health professionals on a wide variety of topics. We managed and supported the Rhode Island Network of Care for Behavioral Health, a website that offers a broad array of mental health information. And, we broke down stigma through a unique partnership with Gateway Healthcare and the Gamm Theatre that attracted 500 people to attend an award-winning play about the playwright's struggle with depression. After the play, the audience participated in post-performance discussions with some of Butler's doctors.

Last year, our researchers attracted an additional $11 million in federal and private grants to support cutting-edge research at Butler. The discoveries being made here have gained national attention and are improving the lives of people struggling with diseases such as Alzheimer's, depression and OCD.

Please take a few moments to explore our 2010 achievements in this interactive online report. I am especially proud of the Discover Butler video, as it truly reflects the beliefs held by the entire staff at Butler, who are some of the most talented and dedicated professionals in health care. Their steadfast focus on putting patients' needs first is the reason Butler is the preferred hospital to practice and study psychiatric medicine, to work, and to receive care. Discover Butler and see what it is that we really do, how we do it, and most importantly, why.
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