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Medication Trials

Butler collaborates with CADASIL researchers around the world to complete the first controlled trial for CADASIL patients

The ability to conduct high quality clinical trials is essential for finding breakthrough treatments for CADASIL. Successfully carrying out clinical trials for an uncommon disorder with small numbers of patients in different countries poses unique challenges. Working together with CADASIL researchers around the world, the Butler Hospital Memory and Aging Program helped design and conduct the first controlled medication trial for patients with CADASIL. The 18 week study tested donepezil vs. placebo to improve cognitive symptoms in CADASIL patients with cognitive impairment. The study exceeded the recruitment target of 150 by enrolling 168 subjects. There was no difference in the primary cognitive outcome measure at the end of the study but patients on donepezil did show improvements in cognitive speed and executive function. (See graph below) The study was a major milestone demonstrating that a dedicated consortium of CADASIL research centers can combine forces to conduct high quality clinical trials for CADASIL. Future CADASIL studies will build off this research framework.

Click here to view a PDF file of the journal article describing results of this trial.


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