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Brain imaging studies

CADASIL patients who visit the Memory and Aging Program may participate in an imaging study with Stephen Correia, PhD. Participants in this study have an MRI of the brain. The study does not involve any treatment.

tractographyThe study uses a new MRI technique called diffusion-tensor imaging (DTI). DTI provides more detailed information about the white matter in the brain than can be learned from conventional MRI. White matter lies under the surface of the brain and forms the connections between different brain regions. It is critical to the integrated functioning of the brain. White matter circuits in the front of the brain are important for abilities such as planning, problem solving, and keeping track of information over time. We are studying the relationship between how people perform on tests of these thinking abilities and the health of frontal white matter measured with DTI. White matter is the part of the brain most affected by CADASIL, so information gained from DTI may be especially important for understanding CADASIL and finding better ways to treat patients with CADASIL.

Click here to view a journal article describing the development of new DTI techniques at Brown and Butler Hospital.

Our program is dedicated to applying the latest brain imaging tools to study CADASIL. In the coming year we plan to begin a new brain imaging study developed by Sean Deoni from the Department of Engineering at Brown. This technique is called myelin water imaging. It uses advanced computer analytic tools to detect changes in the covering of nerves in the brain. This MRI approach has been used to show the lying down of myelin in the developing brain and the loss of myelin in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. We think this will be an excellent technique for measuring some of the earliest changes in CADASIL, before they are visible on routine MRI scans.


mcDESPOT-new MRI technique for myelin water imaging developed by Sean Deoni from the Brown Department of Engineering


Myelin deposition the first year of life as measured by myelin water imaging

Click here for an abstract about myelin changes in Alzheimer's disease using mcDESPOT.

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