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Butler Hospital
Butler Hospital

Law and Behavioral Health Program

Organization Butler Hospital
Location The program director's office is located on the second floor of Butler Hospital's Center House Rear Building. Visitors should park in Parking Lot A on the Butler campus and go to the switchboard in the main entrance for directions.
Hours By appointment
Contact Information (401) 455-6270

Butler Hospital started the Law and Behavioral Health program in response to requests by courts and attorneys for consultations. It has expanded to include consultation to government agencies, disability companies, professional organizations, hospitals and corporations. The program provides consultation to individuals only through their attorneys. It offers multi-disciplinary assessments as well as psychiatric and neurological evaluations and psychological and neuropsychological testing all in one setting.

Criminal Division

The forensic clinicians in this division have advanced training and experience in consultation, litigation support and expert testimony in criminal matters including:

  • Competency to stand trial.
  • Criminal responsibility/insanity defense/diminished capacity.
  • Medico legal issues in correctional mental health.
  • Trial consulting.
  • Aid to sentencing.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Law enforcement consultation.

Civil Division

This division provides comprehensive psychiatric and neurological evaluation and psychological and neuropsychological testing. Our clinicians have special expertise in the evaluation of disability, head injury, substance abuse and malingering. This is just a sample of the issues that we consult on.

  • Independent Medical Exams.
  • Disability and workers compensation.
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship.
  • Testamentary capacity and undue influence.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act issues.
  • Personal injury/psychiatric harm/mental pain and suffering.
  • Malpractice.
  • Sexual misconduct by professionals.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Civil commitment/ Dangerousness assessment.
  • Treatment refusal/Competence to consent to treatment.
  • Duty to protect third parties.
  • Risk management assessment and seminars for hospitals/service providers.
  • Wrongful termination.
  • Organizational consulting, including work place violence assessment, fitness for duty and policy development.
  • Law enforcement consultation.

Impaired Professional Division

This division is designed for the evaluation of all health care professionals including physicians, nurses, dentists, attorneys, executives and law enforcement officers. Our evaluators are particularly suited to the evaluation of impaired attorneys and police officers because of the availability of members who have had legal and litigation experience or have served as consultants to police departments. The division can provide:

  • State-of-the-art evaluation.
  • Psychiatric or neurological assessment.
  • Psychological testing, neuropsychological testing, and occupational assessment.

Because substance abuse is often a factor in the evaluation of the impaired professional, members of the team have advanced experience in the assessment and treatment of substance abuse. This team approach is reflected in a report to the referral source that is comprehensive and will include recommendations for treatment and monitoring.

Teaching and Training

Members of the Law and Behavioral Health Program have lectured on medico-legal issues at national and international meetings. Staff members conduct training sessions in risk management for residents and faculty of the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, The Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University, and for members of the Butler staff.

Educational Programs

The Program conducts case conferences, specialized training and seminars aimed at the legal, corporate, medical and law enforcement communities.

Professional team

Marilyn Price, MD, Program Director
Patricia Recupero, JD, MD, President and CEO, Butler Hospital

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