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Butler Hospital
Butler Hospital

Adolescent Unit Treatment Team

Unit Chief
  Joel Solomon, MD, Associate Medical Director
Attending Psychiatrists

Sharon Shephard, MD
Michael Wilberger, MD
Michael Wolfe, MD

Nurse Manager

Kristen Sayles, MS, RN

Social Workers
  Lindsey Evans, MSW
Abigail Celano, MSW
Unit Secretary
  Jessica Fontes

Doctors meet with you daily to evaluate and diagnose your condition and help guide your treatment. They can answer any questions and concerns you may have about your condition, your medicine, and your treatment.

Nurses and mental health workers are here 24 hours a day. They are available to answer your questions, talk with you, and help provide support with any challenges you face during your stay.

Social workers participate daily in your care. They answer questions about your follow up appointments and discharge plans, and talk with you, your parent or guardian, and your outpatient treatment providers.

Occupational therapists and activity therapists provide therapeutic activities and programs. In addition, medical internists, neurologists, and psychologists serve as consultants.

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