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The Aronson Chair for Neurodegenerative Disorders


It is indeed a rare opportunity to honor the past, recognize the present, and provide for the future. The Aronson Chair for Neurodegenerative Disorders is truly this opportunity.

Learn more about the man behind the words, Dr. Stanley Aronson, in a Providence Journal OpEd honoring Dr. Aronson.

Stan Aronson

Through The Aronson Chair, Butler Hospital honors the late Dr. Stanley M. Aronson, who dedicated his career and life to providing the highest level of innovative care to patients and their families. Dr. Aronson was integral in founding some of the most important institutions in this community, including Brown University Medical School and Home & Hospice of Rhode Island, and establishing standards and best practices in research and treatment. Through his work, he touched the lives of thousands of patients and their families, medical students and practicing physicians, not to mention colleagues and friends he worked with throughout his 70-year career.

The Aronson Chair also recognizes the importance of the services provided at the Butler Hospital Movement Disorders Center. By being housed at Butler, the Movement Disorders Center is able to provide comprehensive care, diagnosing and treating all facets of neurodegenerative disorders: physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, behaviors and side effects.

The first recipient of the Aronson Chair is Dr. Joseph H. Friedman, chief of the Movement Disorders Program at Butler Hospital. Dr. Friedman is a leading expert in Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, with a visionary focus on the relationship between the brain and behavior and the impact neurology has on all facets of a patient's quality of life.

Lastly, The Aronson Chair has established an endowment fund that will provide permanent financial support for the operations of the Movement Disorders Program, guaranteeing that Butler Hospital will always be able to provide the highest level of care to its patients. The Aronson Chair Fund provides crucial support for Butler to continue to serve as a leader in cutting-edge research and innovative practices, to expand its practice size and to add additional physicians, thereby insuring it will continue to meet the changing needs of the expanding populations it serves

The Aronson Chair Campaign was led by Arthur Robbins, Butler Foundation board member and a lifelong friend of Dr. Aronson. Donors who generously support endowed chairs – through gifts or multi-year pledges – know that they are ensuring excellence in clinical care, teaching and research both today and for patients in the future. The Aronson Chair is a living testimonial to  Dr. Aronson's talent and dedication and to Butler Hospital's commitment to its Movement Disorders program and future generations of patient care and physician education.

As someone who knew Dr. Aronson – as a friend, colleague, student, avid fan – or who is perhaps a patient of Dr. Friedman, your support of The Aronson Chair will honor a true leader in the field of compassionate clinical care, recognize a physician who is treating patients today, and guarantee that Butler Hospital will always be able to offer the highest level of treatment and groundbreaking research to patients tomorrow.

Your support of The Aronson Chair for Neurodegenerative Disorders will provide transformational and fundamental support for Butler Hospital and the Movement Disorders Center--directly impact the current care we provide our patients and support for their families for generations to come.

"With all that we know about Parkinson's disease, there still is no cure. Patients and their families must learn how to live with the disease and its inevitable progression, knowing that complications from the disease will ultimately take their lives. The medical world must provide not only excellent, but also compassionate care for these patients and their loved ones. We have a responsibility to give these men and women the best quality of life, at every stage of this illness."

Stanley M. Aronson, MD

Physician; founding dean of The Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University; University Professor Emeritus.

"All disorders of the brain involve and affect behavior – physical, mental and emotional. That is what makes Butler so unique – that we have experts at the same facility to treat all of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. My vision for the program is to continue to expand our research, both to treat the physical manifestations of Parkinson's and also the behavioral aspects, such as sleep, depression, dementia, anxiety and fatigue. We have to care for the whole patient."

Joseph H. Friedman, MD

Aronson Chair for Neurodegenerative Disorders
Chief, Movement Disorders Program, Butler Hospital
Professor of Neurology, The Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University.

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