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Words From a Friend-Fred Schiffman

The Aronson Chair for Neurodegenerative Disorders

Dr. Fred Schiffman
I write this in strong support of concept and reality of the establishment of The Aronson Chair for Neurodegenerative Disorders at Butler Hospital.

I have known Dr. Stanley M. Aronson for nearly 30 years. I have rarely encountered an individual who is as kind and accomplished as Stan, and who is also as self-effacing and humble. In the pantheon of medical giants there are many who deserve respect and honor. He is first among these because of what he has done in advancing the health of humankind, the education of all around him, including non-medical and medical colleagues, and his genuine commitment to end suffering of all within his reach. Some I have encountered are Renaissance men; others are true mensches. Stan is a "Renaissance mensch."

Years of devotion to teaching medical students at the finest universities and as one of the original architects of The Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University, Stan embodies pedagogy at its best. As a neuropathologist who interacted with patients and families at the bedside with medical students and house staff in tow, and at the podium, no one could secure a finer reputation. He demonstrated the best aspects of the great teacher – he cared if his learners "got it."

Dr. Aronson's work in the laboratory on many neurologic diseases has been highly regarded and has proved useful, if not groundbreaking, as others have built upon what he established as new knowledge. On many medical advisory boards and National Institutes of Health commissions and committees, Stan's advice and opinions have been valued by everyone.

His skills as a writer on both medical and non-medical topics are legendary. He is able to take the most abstruse topics and make them accessible and appealing to all fortunate to read what he has written.

It is appropriate and timely that Dr. Aronson be recognized with an endowed Chair at Butler Hospital. There is truly no one like him in the world, and establishment of this professorship will be a great step in honoring his incredible work.

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