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  1. What are the differences between Deep Brain Stimulation and Gamma Knife Neurosurgery?
    Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is reversible while Gamma Knife, like any lesion surgery, is not. With DBS, no significant amount of brain tissue is damaged, and the devices can be totally removed if the stimulation does not help. However, because leads are implanted in the brain, the removal process still poses a degree of risk, and some scar tissue can remain in the areas of the brain where the leads were inserted. Another important difference is that you can still have the gamma knife procedure if DBS does not work but not the other way around.
  2. Who can participate in the DBS for OCD Study?
    Refer to the Eligibility Criteria page for details.
  3. What does the electrical stimulation feel like?
    Most people do not feel the stimulation when the device is on, although some people have experienced a brief tingling sensation when stimulation is initiated.
  4. I still have other questions. Where can I get more information?
    Please direct further questions to Roberta McMahon at rmcmahon@butler.org or by calling 401-455-6594.
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