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What is the [18F]MNI-798 Tau Imaging Study?

The imaging study is a 20 month study being sponsored by Molecular NeuroImaging and Genentech. The study will take place at both Butler Hospital and at the Molecular NeuroImaging Center in New Haven, CT.

What is the Purpose of the MNI Imaging Study?

The main purpose of this study is to assess if [18F]MNI-798 PET imaging can detect an increase in tau protein in the brain over time. Using [18F]MNI-798 PET imaging, this study will also compare PET images in individuals with mild cognitive complaints or probable Alzheimer’s disease and healthy controls.


Men and women ages 50-80 years old with mild cognitive complaints, or an individual with probable Alzheimer’s disease.

Please review the MNI/Genentech Imaging Flyer for additional details about the trial.

If you are interested in learning more about the MNI Imaging study, please call (401) 455-6403 or send an e-mail to: Ask about the “MNI Imaging study.”

More information on other current research studies at Butler Hospital.

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