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What is the DAYBREAK Study?

Subjects with mild Alzheimer’s Disease will receive study drug or placebo given orally for 156 weeks. Study visits are roughly every 1-2 months and consist of cognitive assessments, laboratory procedures, and study medication dispensing.

What is the Purpose of DAYBREAK?

DAYBREAK is a two part study to assess the efficacy and safety of an investigational medication, LY3314814, in mild Alzheimer's Disease. LY3314814 is thought to inhibit the formation of beta-amyloid proteins. Beta-amyloid plaques are believed to be a leading component to the progression of Alzheimer's Disease.


Men and women ages 55-85 years old with a diagnosis of mild Alzheimer's Disease. There are other eligibility criteria you must meet in order to participate. If you are interested in learning more about the DAYBREAK study, please call (401) 455-6403 or send an e-mail to: Ask about the “DAYBREAK study.”

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