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A Healthy Mind Facebook Community

Being flexible when life gets difficult. Sharing a good laugh with a friend. Keeping calm when life throws a curveball. What do all these things have in common? A Healthy Mind.

While the benefits derived from having a healthy mind can be very different for each of us, most would agree that having a healthy mind is the pathway to getting the most out life. That raises the question: How do you maintain a healthy mind when life gets stressful, responsibilities demand your attention, or illness comes your way? In hopes of helping one another, Butler Hospital is launching a Facebook page, aptly named A Healthy Mind, devoted to bringing people together to share ideas and information, tell stories, or seek advice.

"Search the web or social media sites and you're apt to find lots of sites talking about healthy bodies and offering ways to improve your body's health. However, very few sites promote the importance of a healthy mind reliably. While science tells us a healthy mind is the foundation for overall health, people have shied away from discussing it openly. Butler Hospital's goal in creating this page is to break down the barriers and start the conversation. This page is not about illness, it's about wellness—mind and body—and the positive steps one can take to have a healthy mind," said Patti Melaragno, director Marketing and Public Affairs.

To get the conversation started, A Healthy Mind kicks-off its page with a video featuring Butler Hospital staff sharing what helps them to have a healthy mind. Some of the benefits of joining the conversation and becoming a part of this new online community:

  • Help others by sharing your ideas on what helps you to have a healthy mind, reduce stress, and think positively.
  • Celebrate good times and good deeds.
  • Support each other in achieving your healthy mind goals—and even support each other by offering some kind words during difficult times.
  • Learn healthy mind tips from Butler Hospital's brain and behavioral health experts.

Though the page will have a national reach, it will also include up-to-date information on local events and activities taking place that support a healthy mind, including programs put on by Butler Hospital experts, as well as information on local support groups and other health-related happenings.

Having a healthy mind affects everything you do, so come join us at A Healthy Mind for a happier, healthier start to 2013 and as we move forward together to promote wellness—body, mind and spirit.


Click to join A Healthy Mind facebook community, and be sure to like the page!

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