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Butler Hospital
Butler Hospital

Media Relations Policy

The identity of patients and the nature of their care is confidential under the Rhode Island Mental Health Law

  • The identity of patients and visitors of the hospital are protected under the Rhode Island Mental Health Law.
  • Members of the press may not reveal the identity of psychiatric patients or the nature of their treatment without prior written consent.
  • Staff may not acknowledge whether or not someone has ever been seen at the hospital.

Media visits to Butler Hospital’s campus

  • Reporters working on a story or wishing to do a story on a mental health or substance abuse issue should contact the hospital’s Public Relations Department at 401-455-6265. The hospital’s Security Department will be notified and will be expecting the reporter’s visit and can take him or her to the appropriate area of the hospital.
  • Our Public Relations staff will make every effort to work with you and make the appropriate people available to you.
  • If we can not help you, we will try to connect you with another agency or organization that can provide you with what you need.

Cameras, video cameras, and other recording devices are prohibited on campus

  • Photography, audio or video recordings, or any other type of recording device that could be used to document the identity of anyone visiting or being treated at Butler Hospital is forbidden. This applies to members of the press as well as anyone else coming to the campus, including family members and friends of patients.
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