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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Genetics Study

Is OCD Inherited?

Research shows that OCD does run in families and that genes likely play a role in the development of the disorder. However, genes appear to be only partly responsible for causing the disorder, and most relatives will never develop the illness. Other factors may also be involved in causing the disorder, including perhaps an illness or even ordinary life stresses that may induce the activity of genes associated with the symptoms of OCD.

Genetic Research at Butler Hospital

Butler Hospital is one of six centers in the U.S. participating in a federally funded study that aims to look for the genes which may be causing some family members to be at risk for OCD. As we discover the nature of each gene, we hope to be able to develop better treatments. Families have already joined the study, but many more are still needed. We urge individuals suffering from OCD, along with their family members, to participate in this study, which will help us better understand the causes of this disorder.

How to Participate

Participants contribute in two ways: a confidential interview and a small blood sample. The interview is comprehensive and asks about one’s complete mental health history. The blood sample can be brawn on site or, if you do not live nearby, at your home for your convenience. Parents or siblings will also contribute a blood sample, but will not be interviewed.

If you are interested in learning more about the OCD Genetics Study at Butler Hospital, please contact Alissa Cerny at (401) 455-6366 or acerny@butler.org.

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