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Butler Hospital
Butler Hospital

Patient Information


The Rhode Island Mental Health Law requires that the identity and treatment of all patients be confidential during and after their treatment at Butler Hospital.

Contacting a patient and treatment information

To check on a patient's condition you should contact a family member who has that information or call the Care Planning and Integration Department at (401) 455-6325. Family members should contact Care Planning to discuss their concerns and their involvement in treatment and discharge planning.

Personal Belongings

  • Valuable items should be sent home with a family member.
  • Personal belongings that are brought to the hospital by a patient will be inspected by a staff member at the nurses' station.
  • Gifts and packages brought to the hospital will be checked.
Items patients should not have:
  • Medications not prescribed by a Butler physician.
  • Alcoholic beverages or street drugs.
  • Sharp or breakable objects and plastic bags.
  • Large sums of money and other valuables, such as jewelry.
  • Flammable liquids, including nail polish and lighter fluid.

Items patients should have:
  • Basic toiletry items.
  • Casual clothes, a set of pajamas, and a bathrobe.
  • Small amount of money for vending machines, pay phones, special activities.

Behavior in the Hospital

Physically aggressive behavior, verbal abuse, sexually inappropriate or any unacceptable behavior may be grounds for asking someone to leave the hospital.

Visits by Clergy

Butler Hospital's chaplain is available to meet with a patient and/or family members and can be reached at (401) 455-6483. Clergy from outside of the hospital may visit their parishioners at times other than regular posted visiting hours.


Participation in research studies is always on a voluntary basis. People who are asked to be in a study will be provided with all pertinent information that will enable them to voluntarily make their decision on whether or not to participate.

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