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Rhode Island Mental Health Laws

Patient Rights - State of Rhode Island

A patient admitted or certified to this facility shall not be deprived of any constitutional, civil, or legal right solely because he or she has been admitted or certified to this facility. These rights include, but are not limited to:

  • The right to privacy and dignity.

  • The right to religious freedom.

  • The right to civil service or merit rating or ranking and appointment.

  • Rights relating to the granting, forfeiture or denial of a license, permit, privilege, or benefit pursuant to any law.

  • The right to be visited privately at all reasonable times by his or her personal physician, attorney, and clergyman, and by other persons at all reasonable times.

  • The right to be provided with stationery, writing materials, and postage in reasonable amounts and to have free unrestricted, unopened, uncensored use of the mail for letters.

  • The right to wear one's own clothes, keep and use personal possessions including toilet articles, to keep and be allowed to spend a reasonable sum of money for canteen expenses and small purchases, to have access to individual storage space for one's private use, and reasonable access to telephones to make and receive confidential calls.

  • The right to seek independent psychiatric examination and opinion from a psychiatrist or mental health professional of his or her choice.

  • The right to be employed at a gainful occupation insofar as the patient's condition permits, provided however that no patient shall be required to perform labor.

  • The right to vote and participate in political activity.

  • The right to receive and read literature.

  • The right to have at least possible restraint imposed consistent with affording him or her the care and treatment necessary and appropriate to his or her condition.

  • The right to have access to the Mental Health Advocate upon request. The Mental Health Advocate's address is Cottage 405, Court B, Institute of Mental Health (I.M.H.), Cranston, Rhode Island 02920, and his telephone number is (401) 462-2003.

  • The right to prevent release of his or her name to the Advocate or next of kin by so indicating on this form. If the official in charge of the facility determines that any of the rights enumerated in (5) and (7) above are not in the best interest of a patient, the official may deny the right, stating his reason for denial in the patient's treatment record.

M.H.L. 8 40.1-5-6 #6L, Department of Mental Health, Retardation, and Hospitals View a full version of Rhode Island Mental Health Laws.

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