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Bipolar Depression Treatment Study

What is the Purpose of the Bipolar Depression Treatment Study?
Researchers at Butler Hospital and Brown University are conducting a clinical trial to investigate which supplemental interventions help individuals who have bipolar disorder and are experiencing depressive symptoms. Our goal is to learn how to best help patients with bipolar disorder.

Must be 18 or older and currently taking medication for bipolar disorder in order to participate.

Two adjunctive interventions for the management of bipolar depression are being tested: a workbook-guided self-help intervention or, 10 weeks of yoga classes. Participants will be randomized to either bibliotherapy (self-help) or yoga classes. Assignment to groups is random, like the flip of a coin.

Bibliotherapy (self-help): If assigned to bibliotherapy, participants will be given a self-help book, which they will be asked to read over 10 weeks and discuss with their existing outpatient treatment provider(s).

Yoga classes are:

  • small in size,  which allows tailoring to your specific needs;
  • suitable for people who may not be physically active;
  • designed specifically for people with a history of depression.

This is a Brown University research study, and has been approved by the Butler Hospital and Brown University Internal Research Boards.

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