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rTMS Research Study

TMS for Depression Research Study
Enrolling Adults in rTMS Clinical Trial for Major Depressive Disorder

The MDRP has opened enrollment for a clinical trial investigating a new device to deliver repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS or simply "TMS") for major depression. This new device manufactured by Cervel Neurotech, Inc. delivers a non-drug, non-invasive antidepressant therapy to the awake adult patient using pulses of magnetic field applied close to the patient's head. TMS therapy is thought to reduce symptoms of depression by modulating the function of specific brain regions and circuits that are activated by the magnetic pulses. While currently available rTMS devices utilize single magnetic fields that can only reach brain regions several centimeters below the surface of the scalp, this investigational device uses overlapping magnetic fields that combine to directly stimulate deeper brain structures. Study participants will be randomly assigned to receive either 20 active rTMS or "sham" (placebo) treatment sessions over a period of 4 weeks. This treatment can be administered as an adjunct to ongoing psychiatric medications that have not worked to bring about sufficient relief from the depressive syndrome. 


Adults ages 18-70 years in generally good physical health may be eligible to participate in this research study. Additional inclusion and exclusion criteria will be applied during one or more on-site visits with study psychiatrists, and after a review of past antidepressant treatment history.

If you are interested in learning more about the rTMS research study, please call (401) 455-6537 or fill out the following form:

Please provide your name, telephone number, and a good time to reach you in the boxes below. Please do not include any other information. When you are done, press submit. A member of the research team will contact you soon.

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