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Butler Hospital
Butler Hospital

Organizations Butler
Research Type Clinical
Therapeutic Area of Study Depression
Eligibility Criteria Adults ages 22-65 years in generally good physical health may be eligible to participate in this research study. Additional inclusion and exclusion criteria will be applied during one or more on-site visits with study psychiatrists, and after a review of past antidepressant treatment history.
Recruitment Status Open
Date Recruitment Ends 07/18/2014
Date Study Started 07/19/2011
Date Study Ends 07/18/2014
Contact Information

Patients may call Mood Disorders Research Program (401) 455 6537.

Potential candidates may also be clinician-referred through a phone call to our MDRP research clinic staff (401) 455 6537 or by fax to (401) 455 6534.


The investigational treatment is called "Synchronized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation" (abbreviated "sTMS"). sTMS therapy is delivered by a device in the research clinic to patients who have Major Depression. The sTMS device (manufactured by NeoSync, Inc.) generates an alternating magnetic field close to a patient's head while they are awake and alert, with synchronization of the magnetic fields delivered to the patient's own brainwave patterns. Pilot studies have shown sTMS therapy improved symptoms in patients with Major Depressive Disorder and minimal side effects were reported. Study participants will be randomly assigned to receive either active sTMS of a series of "sham" (placebo) treatment sessions, for a course of 30 treatments given over a period of 6 weeks. Following completion of all treatment and evaluation visits, patients may be eligible to receive 4 weeks of active sTMS treatment.

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