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Study Information

Are you a stressed teen? Are you a parent of a stressed teen? We need your help to help other teens. Let’s talk about yoga and therapy for teens.

Help us help other teens. Our research team is seeking people for a 2-hour discussion group or individual interview. We’re asking teens and parents to share their ideas about the best way to develop a teen yoga program and a group therapy program for teens who are stressed or feeling down. Parents and teens will be interviewed separately.


Teens and parents will each receive $35 to compensate them for their time.

Who is eligible for the study?

Teens age 13 to 18 years old who are currently experiencing stress or sad mood. They are also not currently practicing yoga and are able to be physically active. Parental permission is required for those 17 years old or younger.

Parents of teen participants are also invited, but not required, to sign up.

Interested in participating?

Call (401) 455-6657 to talk with our research team. A few screening questions will determine if it’s appropriate to schedule you for an upcoming discussion group or interview.

More information

Why are we doing this research?

Recent reports have shown an increase in reports of stress and sad mood in teenagers. This is true despite improved access to health care and better treatment options. We want teens to have access to various options for ways to cope with stress and improve their mood. Yoga classes and group therapy may help teens to do this.

We have received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to study ways to help teens with stress or sad mood thrive.

What will we do with what we learn from the discussion groups and interviews?

Based on feedback from parents and teens, the research team will develop a yoga class to be used in the next phase of the study. Teens who participate in the discussion groups or interviews may be eligible to participate in Phase Two.

What if I need help for my stress or sad mood now?

If you are a teen and need immediate help with stress, sad mood, or depression, please speak with a trusted person, such as parent or guardian, school counselor or school nurse, or primary care provider. Also, study staff will provide treatment referrals to any participant who asks for a recommendation.

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