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A brief yoga practice with our teacher Katherine.

Please note: Classes will have more movement than what is shown in this video.

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To learn more about this study or to request a phone interview please fill out the form below or call (401) 455-6657.

Study Information

Are you a stressed teen interested in yoga?

Our research team is looking for teen volunteers to join a 12-week beginner yoga program designed for teens who are feeling stressed, down, or depressed. Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes and are held on the Butler campus. 

If eligible, you will also be asked to visit our offices to complete questionnaires and interviews once a month for the three months you are in the program. Parents or guardians are invited, but not required, to complete questionnaires at these visits as well.


Teens and parents/guardians will each receive $30 for an initial assessment visit and $20 for each monthly check-in, for a total of up to $100 each.

Teens will also receive a yoga mat to keep for yoga practice at home.

Who is eligible for the study?

Teens age 13 to 18 years old who are currently experiencing stress or sad mood. Parental permission is required for those 17 years old or younger.

Interested in participating?

Call (401) 455-6657 to talk with our research team and answer few screening questions.

More information

Why are we doing this research?

We have received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to study ways to help teens dealing with stress or sad mood thrive. Recent reports have shown an increase in reports of stress and sad mood in teenagers. This is true despite improved access to health care and better treatment options. We want teens to have more options for ways to cope with stress and improve their mood.

How does the research process work?

You and your parent or guardian will be asked to visit our offices on the Butler campus to participate in an interview and complete questionnaires. This will help us determine if you are a good match for the study.

If you are, you will be invited to attend a yoga class once a week for 12 weeks. During the 12-week program, you and your parent or guardian will also be asked to visit our offices for a check-in once a month.

Do I have to pay for the yoga classes?

No, the classes are free for study participants. In fact, you will get paid for your participation in the study.

What if I’m not flexible?

Don’t worry! The classes are beginner-level, and our instructors offer many options for each pose. You do NOT need to be flexible in order to do yoga. Yoga is about relaxing and accepting yourself and your body. It is NOT about doing incredibly difficult poses or competing to see who can do it “better.” We want you to listen to your own body. Our instructors are experienced in working with teens and helping them to feel comfortable in class.

Is yoga only for certain types of people?

No, yoga is for everyone! We welcome all genders and body types. Yoga is for every body, no matter what kind of body you have.

What if I don’t have a yoga mat?

That’s okay! We will have yoga mats for you to use during class, and you also get to take one home with you.

What if I don’t have yoga clothes?

We ask our participants to dress in comfortable clothes for our classes, similar to what you would wear in gym class, like a t-shirt and shorts or leggings. You do not need to wear yoga-specific attire.

What if I need help for my stress or sad mood now?

If you are a teen and need immediate help with stress, sad mood, or depression, please speak with a trusted person, such as parent or guardian, school counselor or school nurse, or primary care provider. Also, study staff will provide treatment referrals to any participant who asks for a recommendation.

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