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Butler Hospital
Butler Hospital

Friends of Butler

Butler Hospital exists today due to the support from its neighbors. On two occasions, Butler’s community came to its aid.

The first time was during the original campaign to build the hospital. After receiving a $30,000 donation from Nicholas Brown, Cyrus Butler (for whom the hospital was named) offered to invest $40,000 with the condition that the community matches his donation.

The second time was in 1956 after the hospital closed due to continual deficits. The community again rallied for Butler Hospital and raised $750,000 to re-open the hospital.

In 2005, the Friends of Butler were brought together once again. As the need for mental healthcare continues to grow Butler needs its friends even more. The Friends of Butler is comprised of local community members and industry leaders who continue to provide support to the hospital.

The new Friends of Butler met for the first time in April 2005.

A Circle of Friends.

At the monthly meeting, this group discusses issues such as the changing needs in the community, ways we can improve the services we provide, and how we can continue to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Members have an opportunity to learn more about mental illnesses and their various aspects through our guest speakers. Friends of Butler also receive updates on the physical changes in the hospital and on its campus, upcoming events, and significant breakthroughs in our research.

For more information about becoming a “Friend of Butler,” please contact Funds Development at 401-455-6581 or email to BHDevelopment@Butler.org.

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