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Patient Assessment Services
Butler Hospital
345 Blackstone Boulevard
Riverview Building
Providence, RI 02906
P: (844) 401-0111

If possible, please call ahead before arriving. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please park in Lot A3.

What are my rights as a patient?

A person admitted or certified to Butler Hospital shall not be deprived of any constitutional, civil, or legal rights solely because he or she has been admitted or certified. We will explain your rights to you and answer any questions you may have about your rights as a patient at Butler Hospital. You will receive additional information on patient rights and you may request this information at any time. 

What happens if I am admitted to Butler Hospital? 

After the assessment process the Patient Assessment Services staff will introduce you to the hospital treatment team on the unit you are admitted to. You will also receive a brochure describing the patient care unit, which includes more information about the unit, visiting hours, and treatment programs. If you are admitted to Butler Hospital, the admissions staff will contact your insurance company to request coverage for your treatment. 

How will the staff at Butler help me feel safe while in the hospital?

Safety is our priority. To assist you in staying safe, the units use a checks system in which a staff member checks on you frequently throughout the day. Staff also ensure that the environment is safe through frequent unit safety checks. Staff are always available to talk about any safety concerns you have. 

How long will I stay? 

The usual stay is anywhere from three days to one week, depending on your individual needs.

Will I get to go outside?

As you progress with your treatment, you will be able to go to the gazebo or on walks on the hospital grounds with staff during the daytime. 

Can I smoke? 

Butler Hospital is a smoke-free, tobacco-free campus. Smoking is not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds. If you smoke or use tobacco products, the hospital will provide medications that may aid in smoking cessation or help to manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms. We appreciate your cooperation with our smoke-free policy. 

Can I use the phone? 

A pay phone is available for your use during free time and non-group time. The staff phone can be used for family and treatment-related issues. Cell phones are not permitted on the unit because of patient confidentiality. 

Will I have a roommate? 

You may have a roommate and may share a bathroom. There are no private rooms.

Who can visit? 

Friends and family are invited to visit during the scheduled visiting hours of the unit where you are admitted to. 

Friends and family can play an important role in your treatment. However, no contact with your family or others will be made without your signed consent. Limiting visitors to two people at a time is recommended, and you may speak with your doctor if other visiting hours need to be arranged. Arrangements must be made ahead of time for small children to visit. You may also speak with your doctor or treatment team if other visiting hours need to be arranged. 

Patient Confidentiality 

The Rhode Island Mental Health Law requires that the identity and treatment of all patients be confidential during and after their treatment at Butler. Records are protected under Rhode Island State Law and Federal Regulation 42CFR, Confidentiality and Drug Abuse. 

What happens when it’s time for me to leave the hospital? 

Social workers are available to help you prepare for discharge, and staff will review your follow-up plan with you before you leave. You will receive prescriptions for medications ordered by your doctor along with a discharge instruction sheet with follow up care plans and appointments.