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What is the LZBE study?

LZBE is a two year double-blind placebo-controlled research study of 2,450 people at Butler Hospital and multiple locations worldwide. Qualified participants will be randomly assigned to receive either the study medication or a placebo – an inactive substance designed to look like a medication. Neither participants nor study staff will know whether the study medication or placebo is being administered.

What is the Purpose of the LZBE study?

The purpose is to determine whether an investigational medication, can slow the progression of prodromal Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that transitions from normal aging to mild cognitive difficulties and ultimately dementia. Prodromal Alzheimer’s disease is an early stage of cognitive impairment not severe enough to cause loss of independent daily function. Treatment earlier in the course of the disease may have the greatest potential benefit.


Men and women ages 55-85 years old who have been diagnosed with prodromal Alzheimer’s disease, who have a reliable study partner.

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