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News from the Memory and Aging Program at Butler Hospital

July, 2022


Ensuring diversity in research studies is critical to us all. Valid study results depend on sound research methods, and sound research methods require sufficient representation of all populations affected by a disease. And yet, medical research still struggles for equitable representation of race, gender, cultural background and socioeconomic status.


That’s why vigorous outreach to diverse populations is critical, and why researchers across the globe are turning their attention to this issue, including our team at the Memory and Aging Program at Butler Hospital.

We’re proud to have received several grants to support outreach to, and participation by, diverse communities in these key Alzheimer’s research studies and clinical trials. 

alzheimers racial statistics


POINTER-thmbU.S. POINTER Study Diversity Grant

There isn’t an official grant for this study, but MAP and Butler Hospital leadership have invested funds in engaging under-represented populations to participate through a faith engagement strategy. MAP is working with the study’s Faith Engagement Director, Dr. Williams, and the President of the RI Ministers Alliance, Pastor Jenkins, to educate and train six other faith leaders about the study. Those leaders will then go into their congregations, communities and networks to encourage participation.
Learn more about the U.S. POINTER Study >


AHEAD Study Diversity Grant

Funding will provide for a year-long partnership with an established, dynamic, and well-known enrichment center in the Providence area that would allow for outreach to under-represented populations in a manner that makes people feel more comfortable and allows them to get to know MAP staff and clinicians. Outreach will include monthly educational programming, on-site biomarker screening (blood draw) and an advertising campaign reaching out to 55-80 year olds.
Learn more about the AHEAD Study >


ADNI-3 Study Diversity Grant

Funding is providing a year-long partnership with Progreso Latino, an established, dynamic, and well-known community center in a predominantly Latinx neighborhood. The partnership is facilitating educational presentations and a space for brain health discussions. The grant is also funding a community liaison to help MAP discuss the study and other elements of brain health, as well as funds for a diversity outreach coordinator to join the team.
Learn more about the ADNI-3 study >


LEADS Study Diversity Grant

This 18-month grant includes funds to implement a pop-up screening program in partnership with community clinics. MAP clinicians do screening onsite and share the results with the doctors at that clinic. If people are eligible for a study or need additional services, MAP and site clinicians work together to facilitate appointments. The grant also includes funds to engage diversity consultants to help with community engagement and education.
Learn more about the LEADS study >



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