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Formal Study Name

Neuroimaging Predictors of Relapse during Treatment for Opiate Dependence

Primary Principal Investigator

Michael Stein

Study Information

This study is designed to understand brain functioning as people transition off illicit opioids and onto buprenorphine treatment.

During the four-month study, we will conduct assessments and urine tests at enrollment and again at one-week, one month, two months and three months after enrollment. The study will provide three months of buprenorphine treatment, followed by a one-month tapering off period or referral to ongoing treatment.

In addition, during the first week of the study, each study participant will complete two functional MRI (fMRI) scans: one while stable on an opioid drug, and one several days later during withdrawal on the day buprenorphine is started.

Contact Information

For more information or to discuss your eligibility, contact Kristin Grimone, by calling (401) 318-0358.

Eligibility Criteria

Someone is eligible if he or she is using opioids and is interested in starting buprenorphine medication, and if research staff determine that using buprenorphine and completing the fMRI scans are safe for him or her. Participants receive buprenorphine study medication at no cost. There is also financial compensation for participants for completing each of the five brief study interviews.


Participants receive buprenorphine at no cost; financial compensation is also provided.

Meet the Team

Michael Stein, MD, primary Principal Investigator
Kristin Grimone, Senior Research Assistant

Butler Hospital

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