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Together, we can overcome depression

Stories are a powerful way to learn new ideas and skills. Hearing stories about how others have successfully coped with depression can give you a new way of looking at your own struggles. Project LIFESTORIES is a research study that explores how, through video storytelling, people can learn from others who have been able to manage and even overcome their depression. These self-help videos include stories from peers and advice from mental health clinicians that may help you to develop new strategies for coping with depression.

If you struggle with depression or sad mood, we’d like to introduce you to LIFESTORIES, the video self-help program developed by Butler Hospital and Brown University researchers.

People who personally know depression show you how to cope.

How does the research process work?

Psychologists from Butler Hospital and Brown University have teamed up with people willing to share their inspiring true stories of how they learned to cope with depression to produce a series of self-help videos called LifeStories. The purpose of this video series is to give people practical ideas about how to cope with depression. Along with the videos, the program provides written materials that may help you apply the techniques from the videos to your own life. We are now looking for people currently struggling with depression or sadness to participate in a study evaluating this new self-help video program. Participants will use the LifeStories program, and give us feedback on their experience and progress.

Eligibility Criteria

The study is open to people 18 years or older who have feelings of depression or sadness. You must also:

  • Have a primary care physician.
  • Currently not participating in therapy/counseling or seeing a psychiatrist.


Your study participation will last 8 weeks. We will first ask you to attend one in-person meeting in our research offices at Butler Hospital in Providence, RI. At this meeting, the researcher and you will determine whether the study is a good match for you. If the study is a good match, then you will be enrolled.

  1. During the first four weeks, the research team will call you at home for interviews and also ask you to fill out questionnaires at home once each week.
  2. At the end of four weeks, we will ask you to attend an appointment in our research offices once again.
  3. During the second four weeks, we will ask you to watch the video series at home and begin applying the skills introduced in the videos to your own life. Each week the research team will call you at home for interviews and also ask you to complete a written questionnaire.
  4. At the end of the second four-week period, we will ask you to attend a final appointment in our research offices.

You will be compensated up to $180 for your time with payment provided each week of participation.

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