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Fill out the form below or call (401) 318-0358 to contact our research team. A few screening questions will determine if it’s appropriate for you to participate.

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Almost a quarter of the population ages 18 years and older reports binge drinking in the last month. Studies show, however, most people believe they can control drinking behavior on their own, yet underestimate how impaired they are when leaving a bar or driving home from a party. Enter the possibility of using smartphone technology as a novel form of self-monitoring alcohol use by leveraging the long-studied connection between alcohol intoxication and changes in walking after drinking.

The app uses technology to measure a person’s motion— for instance, speed and balance— to make estimates of levels of intoxication. The study uses a lab-based alcohol administration protocol and has participants walk when sober and after consuming alcohol. Brief assessments will be conducted during the study visit.


Participants will receive a $70 cash gift card to compensate them for the one-time, approximately four hour study visit.

More Information/FAQ

Who is eligible for the study?

Participants must be age 21 to 65 years old. They must also be medically stable to drink the amount of alcohol administered during the study visit.

How will you determine how much alcohol participants will drink? 

Total alcohol to drink will be based on each participant’s gender and weight, and the exact amount will be described during the informed consent process as part of the study visit.

Do participants need to have a smartphone?

Researchers will provide participants with a smartphone and smart watch to be used during the study period.

Will participants be expected to drive?

In addition to compensation, the study will coordinate and pay for taxi service transportation to the research office and back to the participant’s pick up location.

If you’re interested in participating, complete the form above or call the research team at (401) 318-0358. You will be asked a series of questions to determine if you meet criteria for eligibility. If eligible, research staff will arrange your study appointment.

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