LY3002813 Alone and in Combination with LY3202626 (CLOSED)

What is the TRAILBLAZER-ALZ study?

Participants with early symptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease will receive monthly infusions of LY3002813 or placebo in combination with a daily oral dose of LY3202626 or placebo for 18 months. Study visits are every month and consist of cognitive assessments, laboratory procedures, medication dispensing, infusions, along with ophthalmology, dermatology, and imaging appointments. Not all of these procedures are at every visit.


What is the purpose of TRAILBLAZER-ALZ?

TRAILBLAZER-ALZ is assessing the safety, tolerability and efficacy of LY3002813 alone and in combination with LY3202626 in early symptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease. LY3002813 is an investigational drug which is designed to attach to and remove amyloid plaques that build up in the brain. LY3202626 is an investigational drug that may lower the production of the brain protein, amyloid, thought to cause Alzheimer’s Disease.



Men and women who are 60 to 85 years of age with early symptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease. There are other eligibility criteria that you must meet in order to participate. If you are interested in learning more about the TRAILBLAZER-ALZ study please call (401) 455-6403 or send an e-mail to Ask about the “TRAILBLAZER-ALZ study.

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