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The Butler Hospital Endowed Chair Program provides an opportunity for both the hospital and community to recognize and honor a physician for his or her outstanding contributions to medical science and/or patient care. An endowed chair may also honor an individual who has had a profound effect on Butler and its patients and caregivers.

In addition, by providing a perpetual income stream, the endowed chair emphasizes a program of excellence, supports the retention and recruitment of preeminent physicians and scientists, and provides crucial funds to allow Butler to continue as a leader in cutting-edge research and innovative practices to insure that it will continue meeting the changing needs of the expanding populations it serves.

The Endowed Chair program also provides an opportunity to recognize the physician who will be the chair recipient and publicize the credentials this person brings to the hospital, further raising the profile and reputation of Butler Hospital and its outstanding programs.

Endowed chairs may be established at Butler Hospital with gifts of $1 million or more. This gift may be made through the generous contributions of many individuals and through partnerships with organizations affiliated with Butler Hospital.

To inquire about endowed programs, chairs or initiatives please call Jack Gould, Philanthropy Officer for the Butler Hospital Foundation, at (401) 921-8509 or Donors who generously endow chairs know that they are ensuring excellence in clinical care, teaching, and research today and for patients in the future. Endowed chairs are living testimonials to the talent and dedication of the namesake of the chair, and Butler Hospital's commitment to caring for the patients and educating the physicians of the future.

The Aronson Chair for Neurodegenerative Disorders was created through the joint effort between Butler Hospital, Brown University, and countless grateful patients, students, colleagues, and friends.