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Family Therapy Provided a Roadmap to Healing

It came, with a vengeance, as the honeymoon wound down. Molly had struggled with bipolar disorder since her early teens. Now, as she left her parents' house for the first time to build a new life with her husband, a fierce depression settled in.

"My aunt died just before her granddaughter was born, and I remember saying that I was the one who should have died," Molly says.

Dual Diagnosis Services Aid Recovery from Depression and Alcohol Abuse

As a young girl in 1950, Kathy Leonard suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident that has kept her in a wheelchair most of her life. But it was not the physical injuries that she says “sowed the seeds” of her depression and eventual alcoholism, but the psychological scars caused by many years of isolation in and out of hospitals.

“By the time I was 14 years old, I had spent half of my life in hospitals,” recalls Kathy. “It was a difficult way to live. I grew up with a large piece of me always feeling unsafe, scared, and insecure.”