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Memory and Aging Program
Butler Hospital
345 Blackstone Boulevard
1st Floor Weld Building
Providence, RI 02906
P: (401) 455-6402
F: (401) 455-6405

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Memory and Aging Program participated in two large-scale senior expos last Saturday - 10/20/2018

Memory and Aging Program

MAP Staff Lisa Williams and GinaMarie Tonini speak with guests at the Providence Journal Life Expo!
Memory and Aging Program

The Memory and Aging Program conducted a free GeneMatch cheek swab for Alzheimer’s at the Best Year’s Expo at Gillette Stadium. Pictured: Bill Menard, Athena Lavoie, Brittany Dawson, Diane Monast, Sam Slezak.
Memory and Aging Program

MAP Outreach Coordinator Athena Lavoie and Best Year’s Expo Celebrity Guest, Derek Hough.

Alzheimer’s Association Providence Walk - 9/30/2018

Memory and Aging Program

MAP Outreach Coordinators Tara Tang and Athena Lavoie attend the Providence Alzheimer’s Association Walk and conduct cheek swabs for research.

Providence WaterFire - 9/29/2018

Memory and Aging Program

The Memory and Aging Program at Providence WaterFire offering information about clinical research for Alzheimer’s disease.
Memory and Aging Program

Dr. Stephen Salloway and Dr. Louisa Thompson speak to WaterFire attendees about GeneMatch cheek swabbing offered onsite at WaterFire.

Discussion and Book Signing Event, On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s with Author Greg O’Brien - 9/20/2018

Memory and Aging Program

Dr. Stephen Salloway, Mary Marran and Greg O’Brien meet at a VIP reception prior to Greg’s presentation in Ray Hall.

Memory and Aging Program

Author Greg O’Brien speaks to a crowd of over 125 Rhode Islander’s.

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