Alzheimer's, Dementia and Memory Loss

With many causes, some still unknown, cognitive disorders affect memory, perception and learning. Beyond the clinical effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s and other dementias, these disorders also profoundly affect an individual’s independence and quality of life as well as the lives of caregivers and others within the support system. The programs at Butler Hospital are focused on caring for the individuals and families facing these disorders while advancing prevention and treatment through research.

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Neurology at Kent Hospital

For anyone experiencing a health condition related to the brain, nervous system, or spine, proper and quality care and attention is needed, and the Care New England neurologists are ready to provide an array of services and treatments.

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Butler's Memory and Aging Program Our New Infusion Center

Senior Inpatient Treatment Unit

Offering inpatient services for adults age 65 years and older, the geriatric unit is led by a specialized treatment team well versed in conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders as well as depression, anxiety and other mood or psychotic disorders that may cause behavioral difficulties. The clinical team works to stabilize the patient for return home or to an assisted living campus with a comprehensive transition of care process.

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Memory and Aging Program

An internationally renowned research program dedicated to developing breakthroughs in prevention and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, while this is not a clinical care program, it offers hope to those at risk or exhibiting memory loss symptoms. With multiple research trials underway, including registry for future studies, participants are people with normal memory who may be at jeopardy for dementia and those who are already experiencing signs of cognitive decline.

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Butler's Memory and Aging Program:
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