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Memory and Aging Program

Join the “Swab Squad”

The Memory and Aging Program volunteers, also known as the “Swab Squad,” are an active group of individuals who assist outreach staff at community events and “swab parties.” Swab parties are events where we collect cheek swabs that help match people with Alzheimer’s research studies in which they may qualify to participate. This type of outreach is critical to our research and mission.

Who can volunteer with the Memory and Aging Program?

Anyone can be a member of the Swab Squad! Our volunteers include local college students, retired medical professionals, individuals whose lives have been touched by Alzheimer’s and others.

What do volunteers do?

Among other tasks, our volunteers walk research participants through a registration process and assist with the cheek swab sample collection at events. Many of our volunteers have a close connection to Alzheimer’s disease and devote several hours a week to spreading the word about the exciting clinical research being done here at the Memory and Aging Program.

What is required to volunteer and how do I get started?

Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one event per month. Event times vary, but are often weekday evenings. Squad members will receive training as part of the onboarding process.

If you are interested in joining the Swab Squad, please contact
Athena Lavoie, Outreach Volunteer Coordinator, at or call (401) 455-6402.

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