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Parking Information at Butler Hospital
Parking Lot A1

Access to: Administration, Sawyer Building, Center House, Duncan Building, Blummer Building and Annex Building; use Paths 1 and 2.

Parking Lot A2

Access to Main entrance/Riverview Building; use Path 3.

Parking Lot A3

Reserved for Main entrance/Riverview Building.
Access to: Psych Emergency, Admissions, Patient Assessment Services and Inpatient Units (Riverview Building, Delmonico Building and Lippitt Building); use Path 3.

Parking Lot B

Access to: Outpatient Entrance (Kemp Building, Weld Building, Johnson/Hall Buildings); use Path 5.
Access to: Ray Conference Center and Potter Building: use Path 4.

Parking Lot C

Access to: Partial Hospital Programs, Goddard Building

Parking Lot D

Access to: Chambers Building and Blackstone House; use Path 6.
Access to: District Court; Use Path 5.
Access to Affinity Primary Care.