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Outpatient Detoxification - Butler Hospital

Outpatient Detoxification

Butler Hospital offers outpatient detoxification services for people who will benefit from medically safe ambulatory withdrawal management from alcohol, heroin, and opioid or other prescription medications.

Movement Disorder Program at Butler Hospital - Parkinson's Disease

Movement Disorders Program

Movement disorders are brain-based conditions that affect the way people move including Parkinson's disease, Huntington’s disease, gait disorders, tremors and more. Our program can help.

Outpatient Programs

At Butler Hospital, we provide a range of outpatient psychiatric services for adults with behavioral health concerns. Addressing a full spectrum of needs from depression and anxiety to substance use disorders and movement disorders, our variety of programs deliver diverse treatment options. Both consultations and ongoing treatment are provided by clinicians who tailor treatment to each patient’s individual needs.

The staff at Butler Hospital understand the psychological, social, biological and medical factors that can complicate a serious illness and offer patients the best care in a supportive therapeutic setting.