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Alzheimer's, Dementia and Memory Loss

 The programs at Butler Hospital are focused on caring for the individuals and families facing these disorders while advancing prevention and treatment through research.

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Our Featured Services

Addiction and Rehabilitation

The range of services for substance use disorders at Butler Hospital is dedicated to treating and supporting people throughout this recovery journey. We believe anyone who has a desire for sobriety has a 100 percent chance of recovery. 
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Our Featured Services

Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Mood disorders may be caused by brain functioning, genetic disorder or a life event, causing individuals to be challenged with everyday life functions. Through a variety of treatment options, symptoms can be managed successfully.
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How We Talk About Suicide Matters

Let’s face it, suicide is a very difficult topic. And believe it or not, even mental health professionals struggle with how to talk about it. This is why it’s so important to bring the discussion of suicide into the open. 
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