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Effective treatment - and even prevention - of Alzheimer's is closer than ever before, and we're at the forefront of that effort right here in Rhode Island. But we can't get there without the help of thousands of people with normal memory or mild memory loss who are willing to participate in research. The Alzheimer's Prevention Registry allows us to match people interested in participating in research, with studies for which they may qualify. You can join easily online, and joining does not mean you are ever required to participate in any study; we will simply notify you when a study becomes available that may be a good match for you.

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About the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry

What is the purpose of the Butler Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry?

The goal of the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry is to match willing volunteers with Alzheimer's research studies for which they may qualify. You can join the registry by completing a secure and confidential questionnaire online, which takes only about 20 minutes. That information will be used to match you to ongoing and new Alzheimer's research studies. Joining does not mean you are required to participate in any study; it simply means you give permission to be contacted if it appears you may be a good match for a study.  

The Memory & Aging Program (MAP) at Butler Hospital has a 25-year history of excellence in clinical care, training, and research. We work hand in hand with passionate research volunteers, patients, and their families to develop breakthrough treatments to prevent or slow Alzheimer’s disease. Our goal is to encourage people to join research studies for the prevention and early treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Who is eligible?

If you are 40 to 85 years old, you can join the Butler Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry. Joining the registry is voluntary and free. You do not need to have any memory difficulties to join.

What happens after I join?
We will contact you and ask you some questions about yourself (such as your age and any family history of dementia). Your information will be kept safe and private. We will send you opportunities to take part in research studies, and the latest news about Alzheimer’s research.