Parking Information

Parking Information


Parking Lots A

Use Paths 1 and 2 to access Sawyer Building, Center House, Duncan Building, Blumer Building and Annex Building.

Use Path 3 to access to Main Entrance at Riverview Building for admission, patient assessment and visitor registration.

Parking Lot B

Use Path 4 to access Ray Conference Center and Potter Building.

Use Path 5 to access Kemp Building, Weld Building, Hall Building and Johnson Building.

Parking Lot C

Enter through Partial Hospital Programs entrance to access Goddard Building and Blumer Building.

This lot is reserved on weekdays until 3:30 p.m. for Partial Hospital Program patient parking.

Parking Lot D

Use Path 5 to access Kane Gym. Kane Gym is where District Court is located.

Use Path 6 to access Chambers Building, Blackstone House and Bradley Sleep Lab.

Physician outpatient offices are located in Kane Annex Building; entrance is through back of building.