Social Services

The Social Services Department

The Social Services Department is comprised of social workers, mental health counselors, and utilization nurses who are key members of the patient’s treatment team. Social Service clinicians assist in providing psychiatric treatment that meets the unique needs of both patients and their families. Every patient receiving treatment in the hospital has a Social Services clinician assigned to their care. The Social Service clinician meets daily with the treatment team to assist in the development of the patient’s individual treatment plan. Social Service clinicians are available to respond to questions and concerns of family members; however, the patient or their guardian must authorize any discussion of the patient’s treatment with any party outside of Butler Hospital.

Contact Information:

Department Of Social Services
P: (401) 455-6325

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Social Services is located on the lower level of the Lippitt Building in Room 106. Park in Parking Lot A on the Butler campus and go to the switchboard in the main entrance for directions.

Social Services Key Activities

  • Assessing the patient’s support system
  • Identifying problems that are impacting the patient’s illness
  • Assessing and planning for the patient’s needs after leaving the hospital
  • Obtaining the family’s perspective on the patient’s situation
  • Determining the health education needs of both the patient and family
  • Acting as a liaison between the patient’s treatment team and community agencies or providers involved in the patient’s care
  • Working with patient’s insurance companies to get authorization for treatment