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Butler Hospital Psychiatric Evaluations and Admissions

The Admissions Department can help people identify and begin to understand the psychological, psychiatric or emotional problems affecting them. The patient has an opportunity to meet with a doctor and a clinician alone, or can be accompanied by family members and significant others. The hospital’s professional, trained staff will develop an individualized care plan that can serve as the foundation of the patient’s future treatment inside or outside of Butler Hospital.

The hospital’s physicians are doctors with advanced training in treating emotional and brain-related problems. They may either discuss your patient’s case with the clinician and then meet with the patient, or they may gather all of the information from the patient directly.

Making a referral is easy

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To Refer a Patient Call 1 (844) 401-0111


Open 24 hours a day, seven day a week. If possible, people are asked to call ahead before arriving.

About Admission

The Admissions Staff

In most cases, a person coming to the hospital for the first time will meet with the following staff members:

  • Intake coordinator
  • Patient registration representative
  • Mental health clinician
  • Psychiatrist

These professionals make every effort to ensure that the patient’s time in the Admitting Department is as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

The Admissions Process
People are encouraged to ask questions at any time during the admissions process. The admissions process can be time-consuming because of the volume of people coming to the hospital, unexpected emergency admissions, and the time required to contact and confirm insurance information or to fill out medical histories and other forms. We apologize for any unusually long waiting periods that may occur.
Common Steps in the Admissions Process
  • Arrive at hospital – people are welcome to be accompanied by family members or significant others during this process.
  • Meet with the intake coordinator who begins the admissions process.
  • Discuss insurance options and or policy limits with the patient registration representative.
  • Fill out medical history questionnaire.
  • Discuss reasons for coming to the hospital and any important details with a mental health clinician.
  • Meet with a psychiatrist to make final decisions on treatment options.
  • Meet with members of the admissions staff to discuss the results of the evaluation and make treatment recommendations.
  • Fill out forms to ensure optimum communication between you, your patient and us.
  • If the person is admitted to the hospital, the admissions staff will finalize coverage with the insurance company.

A number of “behind the scenes” activities must occur for us to complete the assessment, including a discussion of your patient’s case between the clinician and physician and other health care providers. In addition, the process of “pre-certification” with the patient’s insurance company (the process of having the patient’s insurance company pay for his or her treatment) may involve lengthy discussions. If the patient is to be admitted into the hospital, we will speak with the inpatient staff about the care that is needed, and will facilitate his or her transition into the hospital.

The Evaluation and Admissions Department is located on the first floor next to Butler Hospital’s main entrance. Patients and family members or significant others may park in Parking Lot A on the Butler campus and go to the receptionist for directions. People seeking emergency admissions should follow signs upon arriving on the Butler Hospital campus.