Celebrating National Recovery Month

Written By: Care New England on September 13, 2021

It's always meaningful to take a step back now and then, to celebrate those who have conquered immense challenges in life. Here at Butler Hospital, we also want to recognize and celebrate those who have faced incredible hurdles due to substance abuse and/or behavioral health issues, and who have gone on to live lives forever transformed by the recovery process. Not only have these people become victors in their own life, but their successes also offer real hope to those still struggling with addiction and/or mental health difficulties.

National Recovery Month 2021

This year's theme for National Recovery Month is "Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community." This theme speaks to the truth that every successful recovery is not only of infinite value to those formerly struggling with a mental health crisis or with addiction, it also holds great meaning for their family members and friends, as well as the community at large. When friends and family members can witness their loved one being restored to health and wholeness, it replaces their own former feelings of discouragement and despair, with a renewed hope and confidence regarding the future of their loved one. The community at large also benefits, when a person can become a productive, contributing member of society.

Why Celebration is Important

Setting aside a specific period of time for remembrance and celebration is important because it helps raise awareness that recovery from mental health challenges and/or substance abuse is possible. For those mired in self-defeating behaviors, they (and their families and friends) need to know that there is an opposing message of positivity that stands in direct contrast to the difficulties they are currently experiencing. A message that says it is possible to turn from self-destructive actions, and ultimately learn how to embrace positive behaviors. In turn, this allows them to experience the peace and stability that comes with healthy, self-affirming conduct.

Raising awareness of substance abuse recovery and recovery from mental health issues is truly a valuable exercise, in that it supports the undeniable message that prevention does work and effective treatment programs are available. Most of all, it affirms the stories of the many people who go on to live full and meaningful lives, after making a complete recovery from substance abuse and/or mental health issues. 

A Nationwide Celebration 

National Recovery Month is celebrated by thousands of prevention, treatment, and recovery facilities and programs throughout the country. As mentioned, one of the purposes is to raise awareness within communities. In addition, the nationwide gatherings offer a unique opportunity for the recovered to share their stories of victory over addiction and/or mental health challenges throughout their local area. 

Calendar of Events

There's something for everyone at all the events associated with National Recovery Month during September. Both in-person and online activities are scheduled throughout the month. Activities range from charity golf tournaments, public rallies, recovery walks and run/walks, webinars, cookouts, and much more. For more information about the types of events that may take place in your area, visit the link here.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or needs mental health services, Butler Hospital can help. Contact us today for more information about all the resources available to those who need compassionate help along their path of recovery. 

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