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Alzheimer's Basics

What is Alzheimer's disease? How is Alzheimer's different from dementia?
How can one recognize Alzheimer's disease from normal memory loss or ordinary forgetfulness?
What is mild cognitive impairment (MCI)?
What is beta-amyloid?
What is tau?
What are plaques and tangles?

Alzheimer's Signs and Diagnosis

What are the warning signs of Alzheimer's disease?
How is Alzheimer's disease diagnosed?
Should a person tell friends and family that they have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease?
Is Alzheimer's disease hereditary? Does having a parent who has the disease increase my chances of developing it? If so, are there any tests that clarify my risk?
What treatments are available for Alzheimer's disease?
Are there vitamins or herbal supplements that can help to treat Alzheimer's disease?

Living with Alzheimer's

What are the stages of Alzheimer’s disease?
Are people with Alzheimer's disease aware of their symptoms?
If an individual has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, should they continue to drive?
Can people with Alzheimer's disease live alone?
Do all people with Alzheimer's disease wander? Do all get irritable?
Where can I receive instruction or help in dealing with Alzheimer's disease?

Alzheimer's Research

What is clinical research and why is it an important part of Alzheimer's disease research?
Can I sign up for any research trial I want?
Who will know I am in a research trial
Can I stop participating in a study after I sign up?
Research trials involve “cognitive testing.” What is this?
What is a placebo?
What are PET scans?
What is an MRI?
What is a lumbar puncture?


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