Blood and MRI Research Study

Study Information

Thank you for your interest in this research study.

We are looking for healthy volunteers with no psychiatric diagnoses to help us study the brain and compare MRI blood and MRI biomarkers between healthy controls and those with Major Depressive Disorder.

Participation in the study involves 2 visits: an interview and blood draw at Visit 1 and a 1-hour MRI within 2 weeks at Visit 2.

You may be eligible if:
  • Adults; 18 and older
  • Currently medically healthy (i.e., no psychiatric or major neurological illness
  • No implanted metal in body or head (except dental work)
  • Be able to undergo an MRI scan, a procedure that excludes those who are pregnant, claustrophobic, or have a history of metal fragments or metal objects in the body.

For more information regarding eligibility, contact the Neuromodulation Research Program at (401) 680-4143 or submit your information via our contact form.
Will I be compensated for participating?

You will receive a $75 gift card upon completion of the study.

How do I sign up?
If interested, fill out this form or call (401) 680- 4143 to be contacted by our research team.

Meet the Team


Frances Kronenberg
Butler Hospital
345 Blackstone Boulevard
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 680-4143

Principal Investigator:
Andrew Fukuda, MD, PhD
Butler Hospital
Brown Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior


Contact Form

To learn more about the study or to enroll, please contact our research team by filling out the form below.

Butler Hospital

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