Project HEART for Women

Project HEART is a lifestyle physical activity research program for women between 18-65 years of age who are in treatment for alcohol use.

Participation in this study includes:
  • Baseline and Follow-up Questionnaires and Interviews at Butler Hospital
  • Brief Fitness Assessments at Butler Hospital
  • Wearing a Fitbit
  • Answering Daily Prompts on your Smartphone
  • 6 Brief Phone Sessions with Study Staff

Study participation will last one year.

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of alcohol treatment do I need to be in to be considered for this study?
  • Taking Medication for alcohol use (e.g., Naltrexone, Disulfiram/Antabuse) prescribed by your primary care physician or mental health professional
  • Attending Outpatient Therapy appointments for alcohol use
  • Current or recent Day Hospital Program for alcohol use treatment
  • Current or recent Outpatient Hospital Program for alcohol use treatment
  • Recent Inpatient Hospitalization for alcohol use treatment
How much time is involved?
To determine initial eligibility, study staff will ask you a series of screening questions. If you meet study criteria, you will engage in a baseline/recruitment appointment, which will take between 1-2 hours. During the 3-month study intervention, you will be asked to wear a Fitbit and answer daily questions on your smartphone. You will spend anywhere between 2-15 minutes per day answering questions. There are 5 follow-up assessments over the course of 1 year, which will take up to 1 hour each. 
Does participation in this study cost anything?
No. You will be compensated up to $1150 for full participation. The Fitbit device is also yours to keep.
Contact Us
Contact the Project HEART team to learn more about the study and see if you’re eligible!

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