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Mental Health: Its Effects on Addiction and Recovery

Written By: Care New England on February 11, 2021

Research shows that 50 percent of people with mental health disorders often experience substance abuse and vice versa. When going through the process, remembering to focus on mental health is a crucial aspect that many overlook on their journey to recovery.


The experts at Butler Hospital in Rhode Island have gathered some tips to help you learn more about mental health's impact on addiction recovery.

How Mental Health Impacts Addiction Recovery

Many don’t realize how large of an impact mental health has on those experiencing addiction due to substance abuse or how important it is to consider mental health when going through the recovery process. Poor mental health can be both a cause and a symptom, making it a difficult challenge to overcome for those seeking recovery.

How Mental Health Disorders Can Be an Underlying Cause of Substance Abuse

Several mental health disorders are often present and are an underlying cause of substance abuse, especially with many people’s tendency to self-medicate. It’s easy to fall down a slippery slope when trying to help yourself get over a difficult situation brought upon by stress, isolation, medical conditions, abuse, or even a previous mental illness.


If you have any behavioral disorder symptoms, you should seek medical treatment immediately. It would also be best if you did not ignore it regarding your long-term addiction recovery plan.

People who suffer from Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, or PTSD, often find themselves abusing the very substances they use to cope with the symptoms. It’s important that you seek the help of a health professional in this situation.

How to Improve Your Mental Health When Recovering From Addiction

The best way to deal with both mental health and addiction is by undergoing treatment. In order to begin to recover, you need addiction specialists who understand dual diagnosis treatment to provide you with the best care.

Why It's Crucial to Stay on Top of Mental Health During Recovery

Maintaining a strong mental health condition during recovery is important because it is not an easy road and only gets harder without being mentally prepared for the challenges in front of you.


Butler Hospital’s newly expanded programs in South County are designed to offer much needed assistance against the opioid addiction epidemic, and includes Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for substance use, medication assisted therapy, early recovery groups, outpatient therapy, and outpatient psychiatry.


Our addiction and recovery services help treat and support people struggling with addiction and mental health-related disorders. Please contact us today and start your journey to recovery.